Full Case - HotHands Foot Warm-Ups 240 Pair
HotHands Foot Warm-Ups Display Box With 40 Pair

Full Case - HotHands Foot Warm-Ups 240 Pair

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Part Number:CASE_HM_HF-1


The "air-activated" Foot HotHands Foot Warm-Up is specially designed to work in low oxygen environments like hunting boots or shoes. They are ideal for those who will be sitting still and not generating much body heat.
  • Non-adhesive to provide flexible warmth.
  • Can be used with the HotHands Heated Sock.
  • Supplies up to 6 hours of 100F heat.
  • Individually sealed in airtight package to guarantee a shelf life of six years.
  • Portable (No wires or batteries)
  • Odorless
  • Disposable
  • Safe
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains all natural ingredients

HeatMax HotHands Product: HF-1

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