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HotHands® Hand Warmers Display Box With 40 Pair HH-2
HotHands®  Hand Warmers Display Box With 40 Pair HH-2 User Rating 
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HotHands® Name Brand Hand Warmer counter-top/retail display box. 80 warmers (40 pair) per display.

Designed for skiers, bikers, hunters, fishermen, golfers, campers, paddlers or anyone who works or plays in the cold for long hours. Also great for keeping warm at spectator sporting events. HotHands-2® hand warmers are air-activated and will provide up to 10 hours of soothing warmth inside your heated accessories (sold seperately), gloves, pockets or wherever you feel a chill. Just open to activate.


  • 80 HotHands® Warmers (40 Pair) in display box
  • Made FRESH in The USA
  • Each HotHands® warmer lasts 10 Hours.
  • Perfect size (Approx. 2” x 3.5”)
  • Average Temperature 130F
  • Individually sealed in easy open airtight packages.
  • Air Activated
  • Portable (No wires or batteries)
  • Odorless
  • Disposable
  • Safe
  • Nontoxic
  • Nonflammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains all natural ingredients

Stop & go warming...
Each HotHands® warmer lasts 10 hours or more. If you only use a warmer for a couple of hours, put it in an airtight ziplock bag to stop the warming action. Simply take it out and expose to air to use it again for up to 10 hours total.

HotHands® hand warmers allow you to stay warm all day for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Save even more by the case! Case Of 240 Pair Hothands® Hand Warmers

Heatmax HotHands® Product Code: HH-2

Customer Reviews Add Review

Hand warmers - by Larry Mckee from Carson,Ca
I found the product to be great,My hands are always cold in the winter.These hand warmers are great.I sent some to my brother in Chicago last year,and will send him some this year.
Hot hands - by Gordon Brothen from Tinley park, il
Great product. Can't wait to use
Best Hand Warmers out there! - by Deb from Orlando, Florida
Love these hand 3-4 boxes a year. Always have cold hands due to medications...they are great and last for 10-12 hours! Always have them on me. Hard to find by the box in stores. I buy from this company all the time and my order is always right and shipped fast.
Very Reliable - by Ayllon,M from ID
I have used this brand for years and have made a couple orders from ISG. My orders came in a timely maner and the product did exactly what it advertises. I measured the temperature after 12 hours of being out and the pad was still above body temperature.
Must Have - by Marie Gospodareck from Powder Springs, GA US
These hand warmers have been a treasure to us! We cannot do without them when the temperature is in the 20's or 30's and we do our hiking! Thanks for this marvelous product.
warmth - by Laurie G. from Santa Fe, NM US
I buy a box or two of handwarmers every winter-- and they get me through! The product is excellent, as is the delivery service/time.
Hothands Hand warmers - by Bob B from Ft. Mill, SC
I've used Hothands for the last two winters, when I walk the dog in the morning they really help in keeping my hands warm on cold winter days I'll slip the Hothands inside my gloves and my hands are warm. They last so long that I use them in the morning and my wife will use them on her early evening walk, they really do last 10 hours.
GREAT Product - by Duella Clark from Baltimore, MD US
What a excellent product, works wonderful, we use it for our warehouse personnel & they do the trick keeping their hands, pockets & boots warm. They work great!
Hand Warmers - by Michael Genicola from NJ US
I have been using this item for years now and I find that they work really well. They keep the heat in which is a definite plus because I work outside and need the warmth. Also, I am very satisfied with the company because their delivery is great. I get them delivered fast. I would recommend this product and this company very highly.
Rescued Us - by Marie Gospodareck from Powder Springs, GA US
My husband and I have used HotHands for at least 5 years and they have rescued us from our 2 mile morning walks when the temperature has been below freezing. We cannot do without them
My Review - by Mike from New Jersey
I have been buying the Hot Hands Hand Warmers for a couple of years and they are a great product. I work outside and I can honestly say that they keep my hands warm for the whole day. They are a great product and I will continue to purchase them. I would recommend them highly to anyone.
A must for hunting. - by Michael Winzloff from Indian River, MI US
Work great and last a long time. If you only need them for a few hours put them in a zip-lock bag and re use them several times till they are used up. And there made in the USA !!!! A plus !!
Great for Dog Mushing! - by David Long from Dover, NH US
I have been an amatuer Dog Musher for the last several years and I am out in minus 20 to minus 30 degree temps for a week at a time. These hand warmers are exactly what I need to keep my hands working at those low temps. They are also great to put in my pockets when I am sitting around in the vening before heading into the tent when I am not as active. The heat they produce is long lasting and very consistent package to package. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has to work outside in harsh cold temps as they work great!
Great for swimmers, too - by Elizabeth West from San Jose, CA US
The kids love having the handwarmers between events at winter/spring swim meets. Tempted to try others (toes & body warmers).
Ordered for Handicapped Boss - by DJ from IN US
My boss uses tons of these every winter, taped onto the outside of his shoes/mittens/carheart overalls to help keep him warm. He has poor circulation and is in a wheelchair, and would have a much tougher time out in the cold without these warmers. Great product, great price. Always blown away by how fast the shipping is!
Ordered for Handicapped Boss - by DJ from IN US
My boss uses tons of these every winter, taped onto the outside of his shoes/mittens/carheart overalls to help keep him warm. He has poor circulation and is in a wheelchair, and would have a much tougher time out in the cold without these warmers. Great product, great price. Always blown away by how fast the shipping is!
Ordered for Husband - by Sarah Schwanke from El Paso, TX US
My husband requested these while on deployment. I received the order very quickly and for a great price! Thank you for all that you do. I recommended that everyone sending them to their deployed spouse order from here.
Hand Warmers for Military Care Packages - by Kathy Hewitt from Lake Mary, FL US
I love these to include in the Soldiers'care packages. I am a repeat customer of ISG and have had great experiences dealing with them as well.
Hand warmers for military - by Carole Parslow from Kingwood, TX US
This is a wonderful product for care boxes. Plus ISG is a great company with A+ customer service.
Hot Hands Review - by Terry Loughmiller from Cincinnati, OH US
Hot Hands are an excellent product. Buy 40 pair each year to take to Colorado for Snow skiing. Provide great warmth in the Ski gloves on the very cold ski days in the mountains. And they last all day.. sometimes till warn ini the gloves the next morning. Will continue to purchase them each year that we are able to continue snow skiing in the Rocky Mountains.
Life Savers - by Marie Gospodareck from Powder Springs, GA US
Terrific! I have used these USA made hand warmers for years and they are marvelous! They do last 10 hours. After each use of 2 hours I put them in a ZipLoc plastic bag and they do not lose their ability to warm my hands!
hothands2handwarmers - by norma b.young from danville, pa
This is a terrific product. I have a medical condition that the doctors were unable to help me after all kinds of medication and a biopsy and your product saved my hands(mostly my fingers). I never want to be without this product.
hot hands - by norma b. young from 1904 sunbury road danville, pa 17821
I have now purchased hot hands twice and will continue to buy them as they have helped a medical condition I have with my hands in the winter. The doctors have tried everything medical to no avail but the hot hands product changed my life. It will be a must for me every winter from now on. I highly recommend this product and will pass it along to my doctor so that other people with my condition can find relief.
Hot Hands - by Nick Brown from Indpls. Indiana
Website makes it easy to view and order products. My order arrived just as I saw it online and was on time. The HotHands work wonderfully and I will be using this site for more of my needs.
Hot Hands - by Phyllis Deming from Shelburne, VT
Living in Vermont and having Raynauds Syndrome means cold hands all winter! Hot Hands go into my mittens when I leave the house in the a.m. and there they stay, ready and waiting to serve warmth whenever needed until I return home for the day! I couldn't survive without Hot Hands. Thank you !
Great - by Mark Camerato from Concord, NH US
Great product and savings. Very fast shipping. Thank you!
Hand Warmers - by Robbin from CAYUCOS, CA
I can't live on a daily basis without your hand warmers. Have raynauds disease and no circulation in my hands when it is cold. That is a problem because I am an outdoors person and a runner. With the right insulated gloves and three hand warmers in each(my hands will not generate heat even in insulated gloves) I can be out all the time. I order them by the cases from you guys and you have the best price and fast and easy shipping. Thanks so much.
Awesome for this cold weather! - by Christina from Northern California
I use the handwarmers every day during these cold winter days! I don't leave home without them. They last for hours. I highly recommend it!
Great for Winter Weather! - by Harry from New York, NY US
The handwarmers are perfect for chilly winters. For the great price, this product makes outdoors activities even better.
Perfect for the Winter Chill - by Harry from New York, NY US
The handwarmers make perfect addition to keeping hands warm in chilly winters. The price is a great deal to feel comfortable for a good amount of time. You can't go wrong with this product.
Hot hands are HOT! - by steve r. ferrier from boca raton, fl 33433
These are AWESOME, especially for the price! They get hot, not just warm, and stay that way for 7-10 hours. You need to get these!
Winter Wonder - by Marie Gospodareck from Powder Springs, GA US
The Hand Warmers have enabled us to go out for 2 hour walks in below freezing temperature; and have warm hands!
no more numb fingers - by Charlene from Brooklyn, NY
I also have raynauds but both want and need to be outside in the colder weather, and would not be able to do that without the hand warmers. they work great, last long, and the delivery is quick as well.
best price - by joe haas from Carbondale ,Colorado
these hand warmers are the best made and are at the best price at Industrial Safety Gear. They last for hours and heat best if placed on top of hand inside of glove.
Work Great - by Rob from Petersburg MI
I work in a freezer and these are the best hand warmers I have found. A pack will last all day. I highly recommend them.
good stuff - by anonymous from unspecified
i work in a deep freeze at -20 degrees. believe me when its time to warm up and break is nowhere in sight these are deffinately a must in a spare pocket.
the best - by Bonnie Bair from Findlay, OH US
the handwarmers are the best for my husband he works in a very cold climate and he just loves them
Fantastic !!! - by Bonnie Bair from Findlay, OH US
I am so glad you have these hand warmers, they are the best. The service is the best as well. I believe I will be another lifetime customer.
Hot Hands -2 Hand Warmers - by anonymous from unspecified
This product is wonderful. I have been buying them for quite awhile now and I have found no product to be better than these. I am always amazed at how long they stay hot. They are definitely a must for anyone who works outside in the cold. I also am very satisfied with this company. Their delivery is prompt and packaged well.
Works well and is Reliable - by Al in Colorado from Denver, CO US
My wife has tried the cheaper versions found sometimes at Costco but they do not work as well as these. These seem to be fresher and they work for a longer period of time.
Keeps your ipod warm while running in the cold - by Noreen from Dedham MA
we originally bought these (and the foot warmers) for family ski trips. They work great for that application. I like to listen to my ipod while I'm running and last winter found that when the temp got too low the darn battery would die on me. I started using a Hothand attached to the back of the ipod with a rubber band and I was able to have music all the way through my run! A friend starting using the same idea to keep his ipod warm and running while he is snowboarding.
My Savior - by MARIE from Powder Springs, GA
For years my hands froze when a 5 mile walk was taken. Thanks to my HOTHANDS hand warmers that I have been using for the past 4 or 5 years, my hands stay "toasty warm"! They last for 10 hours because I keep them in a zipped plastic bag after each use. They are marvelous; I can't do without them.
Hot Hands - by anonymous from unspecified
The Hot Hands are excellent. It has been quite cold here in the Northeast and the Hot Hands have reaaly helped.
In dealing with the company, I found it easy to order and delivery was most prompt. Thank you for a great product and that my hands are kept nice and cozy!
Hot hands2 - by Mike Pockrandt from Sioux Falls, S, Dak.
I work in a meat packing plant that is very cold in the department that I work. Hot Hands2 keeps my hands nice and toasty up to 10 hours. Good job guys. Keep up the good work. Thank-you. Your service can't be beat.
Hot Hands-2 Hand Warmer - by anonymous from unspecified
I have been purchasing these hand warmers for a couple of years and I have always been very satisfied with the product and the company. I will continue to purchase this product in the future and would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Thank you.
Great hand warmers - by anonymous from unspecified
My wife says these are the best hand warmers she's ever used.
Hand Warmers - by Bill from S.C.
These are great to use when playing golf in the cold weather. They easily last me the 4+ hours need to play around. Great price as well.
Excellent service - great products! - by anonymous from unspecified
As with past orders, your service is great - very easy and very fast - and these hand warmers are perfect for our skiing family. Your prices beat every other place we've looked for these same warmers.
Excellent service! - by anonymous from unspecified
Very fast delivery!
Couldn't get by without them - by Nancy Thurson from Scituate, MA
I have Raynaud's and my hands are always cold. But winter is of course the worst season of the year for me. This is my second 40-pair order. Your package came quickly. Thank you so much.
Remarkable Product! - by The Petersons from North Carolina
My husband, who is on dialysis, has used the product for over a year now. There is nothing that approaches it on the market for satisfaction. The shipping has been fast and always accurate. Many thanks for the much needed service.
hand warmers - by morris deal from chesapeake, Va
Your service is great and the delivery was fast. My mother, who is 89. is on dialysis and has been using your handwarmers for some time now. See loves them. Her hands get very cold while on dialysis. I play golf year round and I use them as well.
Hand Warmers - by Allen from Massachusetts
Great product, great price!
Sending Downrange for Troops - by Jamie from Riverview, FL
We have friends and family in the AOR, they say these are the best warmers around. Last for the 10 hours and are sturdy within their socks and gloves. Great product, awesome price, will order again.
GREAT FOR OUR TROOPS IN THE WAR ZONES - by Carolyn Miller / socks4soldiers@ from Amarillo, TX.
Socks for Soldiers sends the HOT-HANDS with our care packs to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. We get notes back saying how great they are.
Great for our troops in Afghanistan/Iraq - by Carolyn Price Miller from unspecified
This is the 4th year Socks for Solders has sent the hand-warmers with our care packs to the troops in the war zones. We get notes back thanking us, especially for the hand warmers
Longest Lasting Warmth - by Pat from Schenectady, NY
I've been ordering for a couple of years for a friend and she says that they last the longest and is completely satisfied! They give her all day warmth for her hands and feet and help her arthritis.
hothands -2 - by vincent ferracci from 203 bynum ridge rd
best item for hand warming i found.great for my frostbite fingers.
BEST ITEM FOR HAND WARMING WE HAVE FOUND - by George Ramsey from West Virginia
This was about the 4th order we have made for this item.
It has always been a good item, at a good price and promptly delivered. We will be back again when we need more.
My Wife Loves these - by Albert Mizrahi from Denver, CO US
My wife uses these to keep her hands warm year round. They work very well.
GREAT DIALYSIS RELIEF! - by Norman Peterson from North Carolina
You wouldn't think that this product would be have a medical application...I am on hemodialysis and the stone-coldness in the hand of the arm receiving the blood exchange is actually quite painful. My buddies at the center and I treasure our HotHands---they maintain heat many more than the 4 hours that we count on them. I drop my activated pack into a cotton sock and slip it onto my hand. Ahhhhhhhh. A really superb product. Glad we found your online store!
Great Item For Cold Work - by James Driscoll from Ridgefield, Washington
We work 4/10 shifts at 15 below. Previous products we used only lasted 8 hours. Your product works the full 10 hours as advertised. We will definitely reorder!
Great warming product - by anonymous from unspecified
We use these as a quick, lightweight warming option on Search & Rescue. Hypothermia is often the most pressing condition we deal with and getting a few of these (plus the body warmers) onto a patients important areas can really make a different.
Hand warmers for arthritis - by Billie from Houston, TX
I bought your hand warmers for my mother who has rheumatoid arthritis. She is extremely happy with them. They allow her hands to stay warm, which enables her to carry on with her daily activities. She also places them on her sore neck for relief. I will purchase anything that will help her.
HeatMax HotHands2 - by tom from Alexandria. VA
Being out in the cold all winter, mostly standing around, these and the toe warmers do the trick. Have ordered seveal times and now they are on sale. We loaded up for next season.
The Best for Less - by Dale from UpState NY
I used to purchase these warmers in the store until I found you guys. I hand them out to folks I work with and they love em!
Hot Hands - 2 - by Linda Sperling from Forest Hills, NY
I sent these hand warmers to some Air Force troops in Afghanistan with whom I pen pal. They LOVE them.

Your service can't be beat and the prices are more than competitive. Thanks for the great service.
Repeat Customer - by Mike from River Forest, Illinois
I've come back for several years now and I continue to be impressed by the great pricing and quality service. We give the handwarmers away as part of a Cub Scout event we run every year. They are a big hit.

Keep up the good work!
No Frostbite - by Gail from California
Last October I metal detected in England. We had snow, rain and wind blowing off the North Sea. A friend gave me some Hot Hands to put in my gloves. They were wonderful and were still warm after a day in the fields! I had to have some for my Spring trip. No cold hands for me.
fast service / good price - by Jan M from Pasadena, TX
I was pleased to find your website so that I could purchase the hand warmers for my granddaughter who plays college softball. Softball season starts so early that it is still pretty cold to be outside for such long periods. They spend a lot of time playing 2-day tournaments. Her college is in Kansas and the games are in KS, MO, IA, NE, OK, and north TX so these hand warmers will be quite helpful. I was impressed at how fast you shipped my order out.
Great Discovery - by Isabel from MA
I'm delighted that I discovered your website. We love the HotHands-2. They make winter outdoor activities much more enjoyable, and they make snow shoveling much more bearable & productive! The price is reasonable also, so we felt comfortable buying a nice supply.
Awesome service! - by Susan N. from LENOX MA
Awesome service! Quick delivery! Great products and prices!!! Thank you so much!!!! Will definitely order from you again!!!!
Hot Hands 2 - by Karen Falk from MN
My loved one works outside and these are a lifesaver during the cold Minnesota winters. I order yearly. Shipping is immediate (always receive in 2 days), and customer service is very responsive (I ordered the wrong product one year and they were able to cancel the wrong order and order the right product and still get it here in 2 days!)
Delivery - by Linda from Limerick, ME
They are a life saver for our disc golf players who play outside all year long. I was impressed they arrived 2 days after I placed the order.
Hand Warmers - by Linda Sperling from New York, New York
I sent these to some of my "boys" in Afghanistan and they loved them and they asked for more. I've been dealing with your company for a while and every experience has been positive. Merchandise is sent very promptly and always as advertised. Thank you.
Great price on hand warmers - by Anne Staelens from unspecified
Great price , great company, delivered in record time.
LOVED THEM - by Sandy from FL
LOVED THEM. In Fl. we are all such wimps in the cold that we have gone thru quite a few and introduced many others to the magic of them. Thanks so much.
My wife is very pleased - by Paul C from MARBLEHEAD MA
My wife is very pleased with the handwarmers, and your company was a pleasure to deal with 'electronically'. Keep up the good work!
This was my first time ordering - by Lynn A from WINDSOR MILL MD
This was my first time ordering from your company. I am truely impressed by the speed with which I received my order, 2 business days. WOW! Great job.
I have been purchasing from your web site for the past few years - by Annette F. from ROCHESTER HILLS MI
I have been purchasing from your web site for the past few years: hand and foot warmers for our family for our winter ski season activities. I am very happy with the promptness of your deliveries and quality of product. I have never had a problem with an order and it is easy to place the order from your site. I also appreciate the discount coupon reminders. I will continue to do business with you as long as we continue to be able to enjoy winter sports.
You guys are excellent! - by Holly H. from NORMAN OK
You guys are excellent! You came through as promised. Appreciate doing business with you.

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