Storm Safety Whistles
Storm Safety Whistles

Storm Safety Whistles

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  • World's LOUDEST whistles - Twice as loud as the "best" whistle made - 130db!
  • Can be heard above virtually any competing sound
  • Will perform in any wet or dry environment
  • Works underwater!
  • Available in three colors: Orange, Yellow and Black
  • Great quantity discounts!

Technical Information
The Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle is the loudest whistle on the market. It's unique patented design allows it to be heard under water, up to 50 feet, because the sounding chamber forces all water to be purged when the whistle is blown. Made in the USA. It's perfect for divers, lifeguards, and for recreation! Creates a clear, high frequency sound, with a power rating over 75% greater than other referee and safety whistles.

Test Results
The Storm whistle is twice as loud as any other mouth-blown whistle in the world. Initial testing was conducted by the Hearing Conservation Programs Inc., who tested the decibel rating of various military, sports and survival whistles against the Storm whistle. These first tests were performed in a sound proof booth at a distance of 15 feet with the whistle being blown by mouth, and had a number of variables, such as the person blowing the whistle and the accuracy of the sound level devices.
The second set of tests, conducted by the Central Institute for the Deaf, were performed in open air at a distance of 15 feet, 25 feet and 50 feet. Here the whistles were attached to a constant air source which was adjusted to the normal blowing strength typically generated by the mouth. The sound the whistles made was then analyzed by computer, using a double blind technique, detailing the amplitude and signature of the sound created.
With a standard whistle, nonproductive high frequency (over 5000 hertz) and nonproductive low frequency (below 2000 hertz) sounds are created. Because of the patented harmonic chamber that is unique to the Storm whistle, these high and low frequency sounds are recycled and focused into our extremely loud single 3150 hertz frequency of double the standard amplitude.
The focused 3150 hertz frequency was generated intentionally in accordance with government recommendations that showed that the 3150 hertz tone is the most readily heard over the noise of motors, crowds, and explosions.
In all these cases, test results showed the Storm whistle as being twice as loud as the other whistles.

Presently, the Storm whistle is being used by these groups as a personal alarm where an extremely loud alarm is necessary:

  • Special Forces Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
  • U.S. Dept. of the Interior
  • U.S. Coast Guard, Washington, D.C.
  • U.S. Naval Destroyer, U.S.N.S. John Ericsson
  • U.S. Aircraft Carrier, U.S.S. Enterprise
  • U.S. Army Troop Support Avionic Command, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Park Forest Police Dept., Park Forest, Illinois
  • NFL Referees
  • Yuba City Police Dept., Yuba City, California
  • Emergency Survival Systems, Sunnyville, California
  • Disaster Solutions, Venice, Florida
  • Dive Rescue, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • New York Police Department
  • Chicago Police Department
  • Fort Worth Police Department
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • American Red Cross

    Approximate dimensions: 3.25" x 2" x 1"
  • 5 Stars
    This is the best whistle. It is real loud, which is great and it always works. I got a nice free lanyard with it to wear around my neck also which comes in very handy.
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    Reviewed by:  from Peoria. on 4/10/2016
    5 Stars
    I ordered these for my mother. She had fell and no one could her he yelling for help. So I ordered these because they claim to be the WORLDS LOUDEST WHISTLES. Sorry to say but I have a toy whistle that is louder than them . You can blow your brains out and get very little sound. Plus the shipping was like $15.00 .Please do not believe the add. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. What a rip off.

    From ISG (Dave): Hi Jane. These things are so loud that I am not aloud to blow one at home anymore per my wife. Not sure what the problem could possibly be with yours. Try turning it around and blowing in the other end :-)

    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 7 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Accokeek. on 6/10/2016
    5 Stars
    I use one like this in the woods. Once, in the high Sierra above Reno, I had my whistle on my neck. I was enjoying the sights and was standing by my pickup. The pickup door was locked. I looked to my left and a grizzly had walked up and was about 30 feet from me. I knew I could never get the door unlocked in time but took the whistle, put it in my mouth, covered my ears and blew as hard as I could. The bear may still be running. It levitated out of there. Won't go into the woods without one now. And, I wear it when in cities, etc. Most assailants would be at least momentarily stunned at the sound and the cops might hear it too.
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Oneonta, AL. on 12/5/2016
    5 Stars
    If this whistle actually gets to be as loud as 130 decibels, then I pass unless you are wearing earplugs. I am with the HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America.) The research says that just 7 seconds of exposure to 120 decibels can cause hearing loss. I would suggest that you wear earplugs if you are going to use this whistle. You can get a free app called "decibel meter" from your iPhone--play store for Android users. Under 85 keeps hearing alive. For more information go to click on "links" and then "information sheet."
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Havertown, PA. on 3/31/2017
    4 Stars
    Great Product
    Great whistle! I'm a police officer and it's great for duty use, very loud. I also put one in each of my kids hiking packs.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Va. on 1/25/2017
    5 Stars
    We purchased these whistles to send with our dog training clients so they are using the same whistle that we used while training. It was an added bonus to have the lanyards. The service was very prompt.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Centralia. on 1/15/2017

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    Dave P
    awesome easy to use. last time I used your site was 2012 and all my information was still there and easy to edit. Great Prices too. thanks,